Clash Royale Guide

How the game clash royale makes one too addicted?

clash royale tips

Clash royale is the game that spread over the world as viral and it made many people to addict to play this game. It is just the derived secondary version of well known hit game called as clash of clans commonly known as COC.

 Are they same?

Though the game is the derivation from COC, it is not same to that game. It is entirely a different proportion with different prototype and different design settings. The upgraded type of graphical setting is the main reason to get award of ‘the game of year’ on Google play store. The game is come up with the huge fan base within a year and any other plagiarized game version cannot achieve this huge stage within short period of time.

Let’s play:

First thing necessary to know about the game is how to play? Before going to know the description is sure that the game is an online game and then let’s sees the description of it. The game consists of thirteen rounds and ten arenas and arena is nothing but a battlefield. The game is to collect the more cards into the deck of your side and collect more chest more gem and even more gold. Everything will be quite useful to cross the level. The basic thing needed to move the next level is destroy more castle of opponent or get a short root of clashing the opponent prince’s tower. The chest at the end of every level gives you a surprise power as a gift which may be a big help to the player.

How it become show of profitable market?

The collection of gems, gold and chest are not so easy to get and since the eighth level is a tournament type level, the chance of survival till the end are become impossible. At that time the players can use gems and gold to get a second life and can resume the game, but the possibility of collecting more gems are also important. So the players should choose the way of purchasing the gems and gold through online. The addicted people cannot leave the game unfinished, so they are forced to buy the gems and chest and in another way user can use clash royale cheats to get the wealth for free. From that way the corporate of this clash royale design can gain an enormous of profit in it. This logic is commonly called as invisible market of common things.

How it is linked and published?

The game simply on play store cannot be possible spread over the world and make the game fame with huge of fan base. That’s the reason why these companies will give their hand forward to hold up with the social communities like Face book, twitter and some more media. By using the community link, the game will become competitive through these media. Once we logged in this game through face book we will make competition through our performance. The community will rank you according to your performance. This will bring profit to both the game and carrier hub.…